Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Down 9

Hi all, I apologize for being neglectful here. I took a few days last week while the weather was nice and went offline to the cottage at Cribbon's Point in Antigonish. We had a great time, had Libby in the water multiple times daily, sat in the sun too long, drank some light beer and ate bar-b-que. This four-day sojourn didn't fit within the eating-healthy-plan, but guided by a new-found portion control mechanism we all managed to enjoy the treats, but not over-enjoy them. Since I began this weight-loss mission I have managed to shed 9 lbs. I am down from my beginning weight of 205 lbs to 196 lbs. I'm pleased with this and am encouraged by the continuing flow of pledges from people that have learned of my fundraising effort via friends, family or Facebook. Thanks to:

- Carly, John and Callum Sutherland for $1/lb pledge
- cousin Justine MacMillan for $1/lb
- Nelda Armour for $1/lb
- cousin Tamara (nee Overmars) and her husband Dave Statchcook for $1/lb
- Michelle Lucas for $2/lb
- Iain MacInnes & Jodi Hartery for their generous $3/lb
- Dr. Ann Hoskin-Mott for a generous pledge of $5/lb (Dr. H-M is a local eye specialist I see who specializes in congenital eye conditions like CHM)

This is incredible. In just over a week $14/lb has been added to my previous total of $27.83/lb bringing the running total up to $41.83/lb! At this rate we have together raised $376.47 for choroideremia research. If I reach my goal without any additional pledges the total raised would be $1254.90! Thank you all so much. I will continue to keep you updated on my progress.

So far, in addition to eating well, controlling portions, eating breakfast and not skipping meals, I have been lifting weights in the evening - no benchpresses yet, only dumbbells - and doing sit-ups on an exercise/palates ball. I'm feeling good and am glad that a few pounds have come off to encourage me to continue. With your help and support, motivating me to work harder, I think I'm well on my way to meeting my goal of shedding 30 lbs. by December 21. This week I plan to don my nearly-fresh-out-of-the-box-despite-being-4-years-old running shoes Sarah bought me while we lived in Toronto and start doing laps around nearby Sullivan's Pond in Dartmouth. Hopefully this will lead to my being able to comfortably manage the distance around Lake Banook, a 5 k loop from my door. I'll let you know how that goes.

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