Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 3

Wow, only a few days in and the words getting out that I've given up donuts in favor of your dough. All for a good cause mind you. Every cent raised will go directly to the Choroideremia Research Foundation Canada Inc., a non-profit that supports research towards a cure for choroideremia in the form of grants up to $75,000. I will provide some details on the projects currently being supported by the foundation as time goes on but for now I'd like to thank the generous folks who've committed pledges:

Fiona Gibb -> $1/lb
Barb Overmars -> $2/lb
Geoff Kerson -> $1/lb
Alison & Janko Sampson -> $2/lb
Lindsay Overmars -> $1.50/lb
Karen (M.I.L.) Chaisson -> $1/lb

So, $8.50/lb is a great start! At this rate I will raise $255 when I reach my goal of shedding 30 lbs. Should I exceed this by December 21, we'll have to weigh and see. Get it? Weigh. Oh man.

More later. Weight updates and all. Thank you everyone.

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