Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Book

So, I mentioned 'the book.' This book that we've been following to made the transition from just eating to eating well is The Ultimate HEALTHY EATING Plan (that still leaves room for chocolate). It doesn't require any drastic exclusions or extreme measures but offers great meals that are pretty simple to make, using ingredients that are easily picked up locally. There's seasonal plans that take into account the availability of fresh produce, and a plan for particularly busy times or for days where you're away from home on the move. It's full of common sense nutrition and stresses portion sizes and regular meals. Because of it I've been eating breakfast daily and loving it. This alone has been an incredible change and I've been feeling great.

Since my last post I've had a lot of luck with good people coming forth and pledging to support CRFC through this weight loss fundraising effort. Big thanks to:

My sister Emily -> $1/lb
Ben Chaisson & Beth Kates -> $3.33/lb
past-roomate, lovely Torontonian (and nutritionist!) Julia King -> $1/lb
Bev & Dave Renny -> $2/lb - interestingly enough, Bev (a not-so-distant relative) carrie the CHM gene and her son Pat (Paddy) has choroideremia. Naturally, they understand the importance of researching towards a cure. Thanks for your support you two!
Eleanor & Gary (I'm afraid I'll need some help with the last name here) -> $2/lb

So $9.33/lb of pledges over the past couple of days! Add that to the previous total of $18.50/lb and - wow! - $27.83/lb!! This is fantastic. I'll be sure to weigh in again soon and report back. Steady at 199 lb.

Oh, and I do intend (once I find the cord for my digital camera) to begin posting pictures of the great suppers we've been having. I should also start keeping better track of the exercise I'm doing so to ensure I continue to push myself, increasing as I go and continue to shed these pound.

Thanks again everyone for your generous support. It's nice to hear from you, too.

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