Wednesday, October 7, 2009


A colleague recently asked if I was interested in submitting a short article to a newsletter that is distributed throughout the Public Service to employees of the provincial government. I took Tony up on it and wrote a short blurb describing this weight loss/fundraising scheme and it ran yesterday in "@ The Window."

I've been neglectful, not posting updates as frequently as I thought I should have been. In my last post (almost a month ago now!) I was down 15 lbs from my starting weight of 205 lbs. Since that time I wavered a bit, fell off the eating plan while away from home, slacked off at the gym and gained a few pounds back. But I've gotten back on track, shed those pounds and am holding steady at 15 lbs lost (people say you reach a plateau where it's no longer "easy," I think I am there). I'm aiming to get on the elliptical machine nightly to see if I can't push through and make it to 20 lbs by the end of the month. To anyone that's come upon this blog via the @ The Window article, thanks for your interest. This has been a great couple of months that have shown me it's not impossible to adopt healthier habits. This fundraising model isn't something that is terribly difficult to enact. If you have a cause that is near to you and would like to lose a few pounds, try it. I'd love to know if it works for others too. If you wish to pledge support for the Choroideremia Research Foundation research grants, please post in the comments below (include your name!) and stay tuned.