Saturday, September 12, 2009


The past few weeks have felt like the most hectic in a long time. Sarah's started back to school, I had a bizarre bout of something, Libby's been teething and rangy and not sleeping well, work has been busy, and the weekends have seen many visitors (who we enjoy). While I haven't had time to post even a short update to the blog I have continued to lose weight, clocking in now at 15 lbs lost and holding in just over a month. From 205 to 190 lbs, so far so good. I might have come upon a plateau, so a few people have said, but I'll continue with the exercise and see what happens. We're still eating well, watching our portions - with the odd slip-up, extra slice of pizza or bottle of beer/glass of wine. I know my weaknesses. I am trying to get at least 20 minutes on a near-by eliptical machine in every day, which, coupled with my walking/ferry/walking/ferry commute and neighborhood pond/harbourfront/lake strollling, amounts to a good start at cardiovascular fitness. I'd like to aim for a full half-hour on the "machine" with my ipod and a good PRI/NPR/CBC or How Stuff Works podcast or audiobook. I've also been using some dumbells to shape up in our apartment in the evenings, 30-50 reps for my arms, shoulders and obliques, some sit-ups on a pilates ball (much easier than the lying down sort!), all leave me feeling it a few days later, stiff and burning, a nice reminder that a little work will make a difference. Thanks to Ann "Nanny"Chaisson for her recent $1/lb pledge, to Janet Smith for her $1/lb, and to CNS co-worker Patricia Jreige for her $1/lb committment. Their contributions brings the total so far to $44.83/lb. I'm only a month into this so I'm hoping there's still hope of surpassing the $50/lb mark. Thanks to everyone that has contributed.

In unrelated, sad news, a dear old friend died this week. Marie MacInnis, 75, of Antigonish died Wednesday night. She will be missed. Her obituary is posted online.

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  1. Hi Jeff! I saw your blog on the CHM boards - I have 3 teen sons with CHM. I have been posting on my blog about funding for CRF in the USA. Please check it out and let me know what you think. I will keep you in my thoughts and continue to raise funds. I hope to see you at the conference in Seattle! Best Wishes, Deena