Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Scoop

hi everyone, and happy holidays!

Dec 21 has come and gone, and as of that date I shed a total of 20lbs. I shrunk from 205 to 185 lbs through a combination of portion control, cutting down on certain foods altogether, and exercise. I hoped to reach 30 lbs but this is the first time I've actually tried to LOSE weight so I'm pretty pleased with the results. I feel better and am motivated to continue on with a healthier lifestyle.

Recently I have experienced a minor change in my vision, a slight worsening that frightened me a bit given that there's no rhyme or pattern or pace that the degeneration occurs. The change came as another small patch of obstructed vision in my "good" eye, encroaching a bit into the clear field of central vision in the right eye that I rely upon to see. I am still getting around well enough without a cane, am reading this now clearly from a comfortable distance, etc. This reminded me of the importance of researching a cure.

I am hoping you will all honour your pledges despite my not achieving my "goal," as the real goal of this was to raise 1) awareness of Choroideremia and 2) a little money to support research into a cure. Currently there is no cure and the CRF and CRF Canada put 95% of every cent they raise toward research. (Source: Every little bit helps.

Your support in the amount of $48/lb in pledges has amounted to $960. Awesome. Again, thank you all.

So, donating. It's easy and can be done online. There's even a few hours left if you wanted to donate this year and benefit from the tax credit you will be issued. Please visit this website for instructions on donating. Using Pay Pal is quick and easy and can be done using a credit card. Alternatively, cheques are acceptable and can be sent directly to the CRF Canada Inc.

For instructions on how to donate, please visit:

Thank you all again for your generosity.

Jeff, Sarah and Libby

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